ZWO ASI294MC Pro Cable Management Bracket

This Astronomy 3D Print is a handy cable management bracket which fits on my ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera to keep the cables neat and under control. It also provides some stress relief on the cables which will help prevent damage to the cables and the ports on the camera.

The ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera has four ports for different cables: 1 x USB3 for the main connection, 2 x USB2 which is a hub for connecting other devices, and a 12-volt power connection to power the USB Hub and PEC cooler.

In my set up the 2 x USB2 connections are used for the OSSAG guide camera and the ZWO EAF, the USB3 connects the Camera to the Libre SBC, and of course the 12 volt power brick for the cooler/HUB (I plan to print a bracket for the power brick soon). All these cables can be a bit of a mess.

A buddy pointed me in the direction of this print: ZWO ASI 78mm 80mm cable management – I sliced the obj file with the Creality Slicer using the following settings: Standard quality (0.2mm), 20% infill, no supports, no adhesion.

I printed the bracket on the Ender 3 S1 Pro 3D Printer in black PLA with a bed temperature of 60 C and a tool temperature of 200 C. Print took ~3.5 hours.
Printing the ZWO ASI Cable Management
Looked like I was going to have a bit of an adhesion problem when it started out, but the part adhered to the bed just fine.

The cable management bracket turned out pretty nice and fits snug with a cable tie to hold it in place. Snug fit but it can be slid off with out cutting the cable tie.
3D Printed Cable Management for the ZWO ASI294MC Pro
Works great! Definitely helps organize the cabling going to the camera. Looks nice too 🙂

Download the files here: ZWO ASI 78mm 80mm cable management –

Printed on an Ender 3 S1 Pro

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