3D Printed Case for the GPS Module…

Sorry for all the equipment post recently but the weather has been terrible. Hopefully it will clear up soon and we can get back to observing. I have been searching for a case for the GPS module I use on my Raspberry Pi Astroberry. I have been just connecting it up and laying it in the top of my EAA Black Box which has been working fine but I felt it needed to be protected a bit.

I set up this GPS Module to get GPS location data for my Raspberry Pi Astroberry.

In searching for a case for the GPS Module I came across these plans for a 3D printed case to house it. A buddy down the street has a 3D printer. I sent him the plans and he printed the case for me.
3D Printed GPS Module Case
Turned out pretty nice. Fits the GPS Module and the antenna perfectly. You do have to play around with routing the antenna wire, it needs to not cross over the main chip on the GPS module or it will interfere with getting a GPS fix. It took a couple of tries to get this right, the antenna wire is to one side of the chip and does not cross over the chip, and the GPS gets a good fix within a few seconds.

Lid snaps on and holds everything nice and secure even without any screws. It has screw holes for mounting but I just use a piece of hook and loop tape to attach it inside my EAA Black Box.

If you want to print your own the files for printing this case can be found here.

I still may work out connecting the GPS Module up to the GPIO on the Raspberry Pi, but for now it is working just fine with the USB connection. The reason I may move it to the GPIO is to free up a USB port, this case has a slot in the top to support wiring for the GPIO connections but for now just going to keep using the USB connection.

Hoping for clear skies soon…

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