SeeStar S50 Accessories Which are Nice to Have…

The SeeStar S50 comes with everything you need to start observing in just a few minutes after opening the box, however there are a few useful accessories which are really nice to have. The SeeStar S50 accessories I recommend for your SeeStar are a tripod leveling base, a dust cover, a Bahtinov focus mask, and a filter holder. All of these are accessories are inexpensive and some of them are very easy to 3D print.

I included “Nice to Have” in the title of this post, as these accessories are just that… nice to have. None of these are required to enjoy the views through a SeeStar S50, but the accessories in this post should help to enhance your SeeStar experience. For the SeeStar users out there… What is your #1 SeeStar accessory? Leave a note in the comments…

#1 Tripod Leveling Base
A tripod leveling base is probably the number one accessory I would recommend right out of the gate. It really simplifies leveling which is the most tedious and potentially frustrating thing when setting up the SeeStar. With a tripod leveling base you don’t have to mess with adjusting the tripod legs to get a good level reading on the SeeStar. Just use the thumb screws on the tripod leveling base to dial in and then lock in the level. The more precise your level adjustment, the more accurate your Gotos, the better your tracking, and the less rejected frames in your live stacks.

The tripod leveling base works great on the SeeStar’s tripod and can be used on any tripod with a 3/8″ screw. I use an adapter which allows me to use the leveling base when mounting the SeeStar on my CG5 tripod. Makes leveling a breeze! Seriously if you have a SeeStar, get you one of these (just wish there was room in the case for it).

#2 Dust Cap
A dust cap adds a little extra protection for the SeeStar’s front glass. If there is one thing that is not included with the SeeStar which IMHO should be, it’s a dust cap. There are lots of 3D print files for SeeStar dust caps, and this (Thingiverse thing 6408524 by PixelatedDad) is the file I used to print mine. This simple dust cap provides a little extra insurance to help keep the SeeStar’s objective lens dust free.
SeeStar Dust Cap
If you don’t have a 3D printer the SeeStar dust caps are available here for just a few bucks. The dust cap can remain on while the SeeStar is in the parked/powered off position, just make sure the tab on the cap is positioned so it will not hit the mount.

#3 Bathinov Focus Mask
Auto focus actually works surprisingly well but if you want to really get focus dialed in then a Bahtinov focus mask for the SeeStar S50 is probably what you are looking for. By default the manual focus panel is turned off, but you can easily enable it in the SeeStar App.
SeeStar S50 Bahtinov Focus Mask
Bahtinov masks for the SeeStar a pretty inexpensive or there are also a number of different designs available if you want 3D print one. I used this file (Thingiverse thing 6438971 by PixelatedDad) to print my Bahtinov focus mask.

#4 Filter Holder
If you are already into astronomy or astrophotography you probably have different filters. If you want to experiment with some of your astrophotography filters on the SeeStar then you need one of these 2″ filter holders. The way most of the filter holders I have seen for the SeeStar work is the holder is two pieces, the filter sits between them, and then they twist lock together sandwiching the filter in the middle. Once the filter is in the holder it is simply just attached to the front of the SeeStar.
SeeStar 2" Filter Holder
I printed a 2″ filter holder for the SeeStar using this file (Thingiverse thing 6395119 by lewisite). Make sure to remove the filter holder before powering off the SeeStar.

Those are my recommendations of a few SeeStar S50 accessories which will help you get just a bit more from an already awesome setup: a tripod leveling base, a dust cover, a Bahtinov focus mask, and a filter holder.
SeeStar S50 Smart Telescope
Really enjoy observing with my SeeStar S50, this little smart telescope is a blast and very easy to use. I definitely find myself observing more, taking advantage of nights when the skies are not good enough to set up my full rig.
Have a great time… enjoy the views. Clear skies all!

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