Last Night’s Moon…

Before packing it in last night I took a 100 or so exposures of the Moon just to see what I might be able to do with it. The exposures were 0.000032 seconds which is the shortest exposure Ekos would allow me to set for the ZWO ASI294MC Pro.

The Moon was 88% and waning rising around 9 PM. These captures were taken around 11:15 PM when it was well above the horizon and really lighting up the sky.

I stacked the top 80% of the frames in AS!3 and then used GIMP to adjust the colors a bit. This is the result:
Moon, Captured 09/02/2023
Not bad for just goofing around to see what I could see. I can probably bring the brightness up a bit. Hoping to capture a bit more of the Moon tonight.

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