July 2023 EAA Observing Challenge…

The sky has not been clear in a good while… clouds, smoke, haze, the full Moon, and some work travel have not allowed me do do any EAA in the last few weeks, the last EAA session I had was back in the beginning of June. The scope is safely stored in the Astroshed until the forecast improves. I volunteered to create the observing list for the Cloudy Night’s July 2023 EAA Observing Challenge and I am looking forward to getting out and looking up.

Here is the observing list I put together for the July 2023 EAA Challenge:
In the constellation Cepheus
Challenge Objects: NGC 6951, NGC 7510, Iris Nebula (NGC 7023)

In constellation Vulpecula
Challenge Objects: NGC 6813, Brocchi’s Cluster/Coathanger (Collinder 399/Cr 399), NGC 7080

In constellation of Cygnus
Challenge Objects: Pelican Nebula (IC 5067/IC 5070), NGC 6914

Most of these challenge objects are new to me. I have only observed the Pelican Nebula and the Iris Nebula before… hoping I get a clear sky soon so I can have a look at a few of the others.

Stop by the Cloudy Night’s July 2023 EAA Observing Challenge post and share your EAA captures of this month’s challenge objects.

Clear skies and happy hunting.

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