Northern Lights on the All Sky Camera.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth’s magnetic field on May 10th, sparking a giant geomagnetic storm with auroras visible as far south as Florida. I did not expect for us to see any here due to the clouds, but… just after 2 AM the clouds started to clear and the All Sky Camera picked up a nice show of the northern lights in the Southeastern VA sky.

Here is a timelapse from just after 2 AM as the clouds started to clear to just after 4 AM. At around 3 AM you can really see the aurora borealis dancing around in the north (to the left).

Purple, red, and green. Very cool and not something we get to see all the time. I am glad the skies cleared up enough for the camera to catch them. Hopefully there will be more from the northern lights tonight.

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