SV305 Camera

I picked up this SVBONY SV305 camera to start tinkering with doing some EAA. This is a great camera (IMHO), especially for the price.

The SVBONY SV305 Camera is a 2MP color IMX290 CMOS camera. The camera is capable of taking up to a single 30 minute exposure and has drivers for Windows, Mac, and Linux (including the Raspberry Pi).

I have been using the SVBONY SV305 on my AstroTech AT66ED scope and it has performed awesome. It does require a 2″ extension tube to get enough back focus on the AT66.
SVBONY SV305 Camera on the AstroTech AT66ED
The camera has been able to capture some great views of the Moon, Galaxies, open clusters, globular clusters, and nebula. I tag posts where I have used the camera with SV305 tag.

This is one of my best captures taken on 12/26/2021. This is a live stack 41 x 15 second exposures of M82, the Cigar Galaxy, using the SV305 Camera in my AstroTech AT66ED Telescope.
M82 - Cigar Galaxy
Pretty impressed with what this inexpensive little camera can do.

Nice live stack of M77 and NGC 1055 I got on 01/14/2022 with the SV305.
M77 and NGC 1055 - Taken on 01/14/2022

The SVBONY SV305 continues to deliver great results for EAA sessions. Here is a live stack of NGC 2976, a member of the M81 Group, taken on 02/01/2022.
NGC 2976 - Galaxy - Member of M81 Group - Captured on 02/01/2022

I am still experimenting and learning but if you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to use, camera for Electronic Assisted Astronomy (EAA) the SVBONY SV305 Camera is worth a look.

I recently set up the SV305 as an AllSky Camera using indi-allsky. Here is a star trails capture from 04/09/2022.
INDI-AllSky Star Trails 04/09/2022
Find out more on how I set up indi-allsky with the SV305 and a Raspberry Pi and the weather resistant enclosure I built for it.

More to come as I learn and use it more.