This is only a test… Getting ready for the Solar Eclipse

Took a few minutes to test things out to make sure all is ready for the Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024. Some time ago I 3D printed a Solar Finder I found on Thingiverse, it worked great! I was able to quickly get the Sun into the scopes field of view.

The Solar Finder is basically just a simple pin-hole camera which replaces a finder scope on the telescope. With the Sun’s disk projected on the middle of the finder the Sun was near perfectly centered in the telescope’s field of view.
3D Printed Solar Finder
I have the scope currently set up with the .8 focal reducer, so I am at F/5.6 with a focal length of around 570 mm. I will probably take the focal reducer out to get the full 700 mm. The solar filter I am using is a Spectrum Telescope Glass Solar Filter #ST500G which I picked up from AgenaAstro last year. It has a very secure fit the SVBONY SV503 102ED.

Took a few test shots of the Sun. There were some clouds but I took a screenshot of this capture when the Sun was in the clear. It is a single 0.000032 capture of the Sun.
Sun capture in Ekos. Single 0.000032 second exposure.
There is a pretty large Sunspot in the upper right.

Everything worked as expected. Fingers crossed for a clear sky on Monday.

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