Solar Filter on the SV503… First Light…

There were a few thin clouds this morning but I wanted to at least give my Spectrum Telescope 5″ Glass Solar Filter (ST500G) I picked up from AgenaAstro last week a try. After adding a couple of the included felt pads the ST500G Solar Filter fit nice and snug on the SVBONY SV503 102ED.

I captured 500 x 0.00005 second exposures. I used Registax to create an AVI from the 50 best images and then stacked the AVI using AS!3. This is the stack of 50 of the best 0.00005 second exposures at 121 gain and 30 offset from the ZWO ASI294MC Pro through the SV503 102ED. There are 6 sunspots visible in the image: 1 small one to the lower left, 2 large ones which are easily seen on the Sun’s disc, 2 smaller ones, and one small one on the upper right edge almost out of view.
Sun, Captured 08/26/2023
I still have a lot to learn about stacking these, but it’s going to be fun figuring it out.

I labeled the sunspots from the information available at
Sun, Captured 08/26/2023, Sunspots

Updated 08/27/2023
Created AVI from FITs images in PIPP of top 20% of frames (out of 500) then restacked in AS!3. Messed around with the Level and Curve adjustments in GIMP to bring out some more detail.
Sun 08/26/2023, Restack 20% of frames. Color Adjustment in GIMP
The color here is a little closer to how I saw it during the captures. Maybe a little more red, but closer to how it looked at the time of capture.

If you are looking for a Solar Filter to fit your SVBONY SV503 102ED scope, the Spectrum Telescope 5″ Glass Solar Filter (ST500G) fits perfectly.

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