Post-Process Playing with IC 434

I did a little post-processing on the Horsehead data I captured earlier this week. Nothing fancy, just stacked the 40 x 180 second exposures using ASTAP, the Astrometric STAcking Program, applying darks and flats.

After stacking the frames I exported the stacked image to a 16-bit TIFF. Then spent a few minutes, like less than 15, messing with the levels and curves in GIMP. Once I was done tinkering with it I resized it 80% and then exported it to PNG. And here it is…
IC 434, The Horsehead Nebula, Stacked with ASTAP and processed in GIMP.
Really brought out some of the detail in the darker nebula. The bright stars are a bit over saturated, I need to figure out how to combat that. Even with all the room for improvement, I like the results.

I still have a LOT to learn about post-processing, but I’ll get there.

Since I am probably going to be getting into do this a bit more I created an Astrophotography Category 🙂 More to come…

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