Fisheye Lens for the All Sky Camera…

I decided to replace the lens on the All Sky Camera with a Fisheye lens to try to get a bit more of the sky. I picked up an inexpensive 1.7mm F/2 fisheye lens for the All Sky Camera.

The lens is has a M12 thread on it and the SV305 Camera is set up for a C/CS Mount lens. I had to get an adapter to convert the C/CS Mount on the SV305 to accept the M12 on the lens.

I ordered this adapter on Amazon but it came direct from China so it took a bit of time to get here. It arrived while I was on vacation last week.

Here is the star trails stack from the first night with the new lens:
Star Trails Stack from the INDI All Sky Camera

Compared to the old lens:
Star Trails Stack INDI All Sky Camera

Aside from the orientation being different (north is up on the older lens and north is to the left with the newer) there is a much wider view of the sky in the new lens. The orientation difference is just because of how I angled the camera to try to get the most sky view. I may reposition where I have the All Sky Camera to try to get less of the surrounding houses and such.

Check out the All Sky Camera page here.

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