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It has been a while, a long while. I have not had my telescopes out in a little over two years. Recently a buddy of mine picked up a new telescope. I went over to have a look through it and well it was amazing. Made me realize how much I have missed setting up the telescopes, tinkering with equipment, and looking at the stars.

So I cleaned the last two years of dust and neglect off the telescopes and set them up in the driveway.

Telescopes - Stellarvue 80 and AstroTech 66

Last night I beat the clouds and got to take a look at the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn. Even though the clouds rolled in early it was great to be out looking through an eyepiece again.

Was hoping to get out again tonight, but it’s been pretty cloud most of the day. Even though I can see a couple of clear spots there is just not enough sky to get a decent alignment and I would just end up chasing holes in the clouds all night. Hope to try again tomorrow night.

I decided to reopen to share the enjoyment I get out the hobby. The old site is long gone, but I still have the images (at least most of them) from it so I will be posting some of my old captures along with the new. Please pardon the dust while I get things organized.

There has been some advancements in amateur astronomy over the last couple years. One in particular really interest me, Electronic Assisted Astronomy (EAA). Looking forward to learning more about and practicing some EAA.

Hoping for clear skies tomorrow night…

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